This is the year I dumped Apple. I have been a loyal Mac-O-phile since the Apple IIe came out. For a while Apple was absolutely king in my world. But over the past few years I have grown tired of the very restrictive Apple way. I tossed my iPhone for Android and that made me so much happier. I barely use my iPad anymore because it has become too slow over the past few iOS releases. Two years ago my 2011 MacBook Pro when to shit with the planned obsolescence destruction of the soldiered on GPU. I am done. The hardware has been getting crappier, not better IMHO. And apple continues to shoot themselves in the foot with highly restrictive development and OS practices.

Apple you could be so much more.

A few weeks ago I decided to build a Hackintosh. The decision was not difficult considering the cost of a new MacBook vs DIY PC parts. This is not my first PC build, though this one was a bit trickier due to hardware compatibility concerns. With a bunch of research and a plan I chose my hardware based on a CustoMac build on The parts all arrived on the same day much to my amazement.

And the rest is history. It took a day to build the PC. I got Windows 10 going, meh. That is purely the gaming PC side of this custom build. And on a separate drive I installed MacOS Sierra. And later on yet another drive, MacOS High Sierra. Basically I have 4 computers for the price of one. This build is more powerful that any MacBook you can buy at nearly $1000 less.
Yup, that top of the line MacBook will set you back about $3k or more with hardware specs that do not get close to this Hackintosh build I completed.

A note of caution; It took a week to finally get everything working on my new Hackintosh. The bootloader was being a complete pain in the arse. But about 10 Youtube vids and 12 dozen Google searches I got all the RIGHT info and applied it to the bootloader.

And guess what. It runs like a DREAM!

So without further adieu; Let me introduce you to my mATX Hackintosh.

The Parts Arrive

Almost Done

The mATX Hackintosh is born