I am a Portland based Freelance Web Engineer. I am a former co-founder and Technical Lead for 5Movez.com, a collaborative business growth platform. I enjoy working with start-ups and small to medium size companies, interactive/media agencies and other other freelancers and musicians.

WEB EXPERIENCE: Contract/Freelance, Web UI/UX Engineering, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ember, Sails
MUSIC EXPERIENCE: Manager, Brand, Internet Presence and SEO, Collaborative Songwriting, Recording, Guitar, Keyboards
PASSION: Art, Music, the Ocean and being a Builder and Grower of things Virtual and Physical.
DESIRE: Do what I love, Create, Build, Grow, Consume Knowledge, Pass it on.
FOCUS: MEAN/LAMP Front-End Engineer
WANT: To work with creative people be they coders or otherwise. To not go silently into the night as only a number on someone's payroll. To make a difference in everything I build, create and grow.

I am a very capable Front-End Engineer and Web Architect with full-stack LAMP, MEAN and Java experience spanning over 20 years. My focus now is Ember Single Page Application development and WebRTC. I have many technologies in my portfolio including Ember, Sails, D3, WebRTC,jQuery, Node.js, Handlebars, JSViews/JSRender, Twitter Bootstrap, CSS3, LESS, HTML5 and PHP, Smarty, Kohana, and Grunt in my bag of tricks, even WordPress and Ghost. I build responsive mobile inclusive Web applications from the ground up. Hand me a PSD or a napkin with an idea on it. I will return a dynamic web experience. I see the big picture and mold it to your needs. I speak nerd, agile, marketing and plain English all in the same breath. I have had a pretty amazing career helping to build large and small brands, consumer facing eCommerce, B2B, media and entertainment web properties.

My first love is Art and Music. I studied Graphic Communications and Fine Arts at ECU in North Carolina, USA and graduated with a BFA in 1991. My experiences in both art and music span nearly my entire life. I started drawing seriously at a very early age and playing piano and clarinet in elementary school and guitar in my early teens. Much of my art career began in advertising and marketing, evolving to publishing and internet site design and development. While never a professional musician, I have played guitar for over 33 years. More recently I have jumped into managing, artist brand development and collaborative songwriting for young artists as a low cost alternative to other industry management options. And I still make time to dabble in my own musical passions.

** I am very interested in woman owned, ECCO, sustainable living, alternative energy, organic food, urban farming, music industry, songwriting, recording, artist development.

GitHub: https://github.com/NikkiDreams
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nikkidreams
Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/nikkidreams
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/nikkidreams
Instagram: https://instagram.com/AmazonRising
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZoeOeoZ
Mastadon.Social: https://mastodon.social/@Nixx