Everyone Needs an Amazing 6' Redhead on Their Team!

Nichole Elizabeth Shannon

Seasoned Full-Stack Engineer, Mentor and Artist

Versatile Problem Solver and Very Tall

Portland, OR

Recent Mad Skills

  • HTML/HTML5, Mobile HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, Grunt, Gulp, Broccoli, SASS, LESS
  • Javascript: ES6, EmberJS, SailsJS, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, d3, Handlebars, REST, AJAX, JSON/JSONApi
  • PHP, Smarty, Python, Atom, Sublime, GIT, Jira
  • Affinity Photo & Designer, Adobe PhotoShop & Illustrator
  • MVC, OOP, UX, Cross-Browser, Accessibility, UI/UX design, W3C standards, Linux and CMD line
  • Pro at getting things off the top shelf. I can SCRUM your Agile.

YES I DO know what a closure is. And please don’t make me “fix it” in IE6-7 even though I can.
“It’s Dead Jim.”

About Me

I am a former Art Director and Graphic Designer turned engineer many years ago. I am a strong front-end and full-stack engineer with a broad portfolio of skills, who has been involved in every aspect of web design, architecture, and development. My primary strength is UI engineering and cross-browser development. I am a self-taught programmer, trained fine artist, photographer. My proven OOP, SEO skills and standards based UI knowledge are key in my daily development practices. I am not your average corporate coder and thrive best in small to medium size, creative, flexible environments like music, entertainment and consumer facing web properties.

I have strong team skills and leadership experiences. I am a heads down, music on, coding machine and problem solver.
I can often be found air guitaring at my desk while writing or debugging code. I do not commit everything to memory. That is what Google is for, right? I suck horrifically at interview tests but I am darn good at what I do. Off the job I am a writer, artist, musician and serious urban farmer. Work-life balance is VERY important to me.


Mentor/Tutor - Private tutoring and mentoring for new Web Developers
Amazon Rising Studios - Freelance Web Guru and Full-stack NodeJs gal.

The Seasoned Senior Level Web Engineer

eBay (06/2016 - 06/2017) - Node Engineer and Google Cloud project R&D.

5Movez, LLC (02/2015 - present) - Full Time, Partner, Cofounder - Portland, OR
Technical Lead, Full-stack Developer, Development Manager and Architect building a suite of business growth applications (SaaS) focused on helping small businesses recognize and improve their business relationships. Responsible for design and implementation of all applications from customer facing product to REST and administrative backends, review and establish technology stack, implement server environments, hire and manage contract developers, code all prototypes and functionality.

Seabourne Consulting (06/2014 - 12/2014) - Short Term Contract - Portland, OR
Full-stack Node.js developer building and maintaining micro web applications for The World Resource Institute. The applications are designed to be quick turnaround, self contained, “demo” data visualizations catering to historical climate data. The apps are stateless Node, Mongo and Highcharts with basic search filtering on small imported CSV data sets.

Splunk, Inc. ( 07/2013 - 10/2013 ) - Short Term Contract - San Francisco, CA
UI Engineer for the Splunk Storm, log analysis and indexing, product front end team. I primarily converted the entire UI code base from legacy JQ 1.7 days to the latest and greatest UI technologies supporting a broad cross-browser set serving up compiled LESS/CSS/JS using Grunt and Node, performance optimization, minification and refactoring Django templates and Python controllers in an Ubuntu/Vagrant VM development environment.

Sparked, Inc. ( 02/2013 - 06/2013 ) - Full-time - San Francisco, CA
Hired as the UI guru for a non-profit website. Ended up mobilizing their for profit customer advocacy product for their only paying customer Barclays Bank. Before leaving I worked directly with the Architect to create an entirely new Mobile First responsive UI for a new flagship product built on Kohana, Smarty, Bootstrap and jQuery Mobile.

Hot Shot Media ( 06/2012 - 11/2012 ) - Full-time - San Francisco, CA - Shutdown/Layoff
Hired by developers from a previous position elsewhere, I was brought in to build out the front-end of a new Contest-based Photography site. I worked mainly on introducing new functionality from raw PSDs and rewriting the front-end code including refactoring and debugging in Kahona/Smarty/Mongo environment. Shutterbugsocial.com has not launched due to funding.

Various, Inc. ( 01/2012 - 06/2012 ) - Full-Time - San Francisco, CA - Division Shutdown/Layoff
Lead Front-end engineer building an all new dating web property from scratch. It was my responsibility to architect and build out the entire front-end as well as guide new front-end engineers. Working directly with marketing and the back-end team, we built a ready-to-launch OKCupid-like product in less that 5 months with a team of 6. UI technologies include REST based HTML/HTML5, CSS3, LESS jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap based in a FreeMarker and Java servlet environment. The entire division was shut down a week before launch as part of a massive restructuring. :-(

Gap, Inc. ( 08/2011 - 01/2012 and 02/2010 - 10/2010 ) - Contract - San Francisco, CA
Agile UI Engineer for Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta. My main focus was developing and implementing new and improved core features in a Struts/Tiles based environment. Heavy use of the Prototype JS library and CSS in custom JSP pages were used to power an in-house developed CMS. Eclipse IDE and a customized Prototype based JS Testing library were part of the daily development cycle. Projects required light JAVA development as part of a major resource refactoring of Enterprise WARs representing each brand down to a single EAR file for all Gap applications. I was asked to return by a previous co-worker in a lead position working directly with the Domain Architect to build the entire presentation layer for 2 new projects; a product based Merchant Locator Service tied to Gap Inc’s Ecom product pages and a Google Maps based Store Locator. Both projects are tightly coupled and built in a pure JavaScript MVC using Prototype. The Google Maps API is heavily leveraged to create the embedded and customized store location service. Each rely on multiple custom REST services consuming JSON.

Mevio.com ( 11/2010 - 6/2011 ) - Contract to Full-Time - San Francisco, CA - Entire Dev Team Layoff
Dynamic UI developer building a new web front-end from the ground up on the Kohana PHP Framework. I work very closely with a very small team of 3 engineers and 1 Flash developer. My main focus is writing and testing cross-browser CSS, HTML/HTML5 and JS/jQuery for a high traffic streaming video site to work in all major modern browsers, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. I work closely with the CEO and a graphic designer to maintain and improve the current production website.

Slacker, Inc. - ( 06/2007 - 12/2008 ) - Full-time - San Diego, CA - Large Finance Related Layoff
Full stack Webmaster for an Internet radio start-up. Responsible for developing and maintaining the PHP front, phpBB forums and working on various other JSP based applications supporting the entire web experience. This has also included a newsletter server and NetInsight statistics. Recently I have begun targeted development of mobile device support and development to enhance the Slacker web experience. I stated a Slacker working on the WWW which was a simple HTML website. Early on I sold the company on Zend Platform and converted the front end to a PHP MVC based system. Slacker now has a highly dynamic web UI merging all web applications on the front-end. The site also incorporates heavy use of Ajax through Javascript and PHP methods as well as the jQuery and Mootools APIs.

Home Depot Supply - ( 07/2005 09/2006 ) - Contract - San Diego, CA
Technical Lead, Sr. Websphere Commerce developer and CM Manager - Providing a wide range of services for a small team that completely redeveloped and launched the hdsupply.com B2B commerce web sites using JAVA and JSP. Configuration Management for the entire project, including production AIX server. Installation, setup, upgrade and debugging, of all project components and developer systems. Developed, documented new development and CM processes, Software Requirements, trained and mentored developers throughout the project. Work closely with business teams to fulfill ongoing requirements and guide them through the new technologies.

Peregrine Systems, Inc. - ( 02/2000 - 03/2005 ) - Full-time - San Diego, CA
Primary UI, Senior Product Developer for a suite of web based employee self service (ESS) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications now aligning with the ITIL specification. One of the original team members for the Peregrine ESS Portal suite of applications formerly know as Get.It! and the ServiceCenter 6 web applications. The products were platform independent, web based applications developed using JSP, Java, XML, XSL, client-side and server-side Javascript, CSS and HTML 4 on Apache Tomcat. As a Senior Product Developer I was intimately involved in every aspect of client-side and servlet development, Focusing on multi-browser support, UI, and accessibility including Section 508 compliance for people with disabilities. Achievements include architecting, designing and implementing a JSP/JSF, DHTML iframes based web framework existing and future applications.

Tetra Tech EM, Inc. - ( 01/1998 - 06/1999 ) - Chief Chaos Coordinator - Reston, VA
Strategic hire brought in to build a strong web team and infrastructure to support a new area of expertise in web development for TTEMI. Webmaster managing all aspects of web design, development and quality control. Senior and supporting graphic designer and developer for over 20 web sites for Tetra Tech and its clients, including; the U.S. EPA, NOAA, U.S. NAVY and U.S. Air Force. Central contact for web development throughout many Tetra Tech offices. Webmaster for six web servers. A primary team member in developing ideas and marketing materials to expand beyond government contracts to the commercial business sector.

The Freelance and Art Direction years plus so much more

Amazon Rising Studios - ( 1988 - Present ) - Owner - East and West Coast
I have done a llot of freelance and contract work as UI/UX Developer, SEO Consultant, providing general WordPress support, PHP web development services as well as full graphics and publishing services while being full-time employed or in between jobs. However I am no longer freelancing or moonlighting. More recent clients include JessicaKristie.com, Filmetrics.com, hanschristian.org (pro-bono for non-profit) and 3thousand8 Promotions. The majority of my tasks include HTML, CSS and PHP site development and maintenance.

( 03/ 2009 - 6/2009 ) - Digitaria, Inc. - Contract Web developer through Robert Half Technology. General web developer assisting on various projects and clients. Largely front-end development with heavy use of jQuery, CSS, XHTML in a Rails environment. Some light graphics work and cutting PSDs.

( 03/2009 - 12/2009 ) - Filmetrics Inc. - Refactored existing site to support internationalization by incorporating localization into German, French, Chinese and Japanese and SEO updates. Phase 1 converted static HTML site to PHP and created localized versions in 4 languages. Phase 2 was a complete site upgrade from basic PHP to a fully multi-national, localize PHP framework using the ZEND Framework.

( 1988 - 2008 ) - Northern VA, NC and San Diego, CA - Art Director, Graphic Designer and Webmaster
Created or maintained web sites and graphics for various commercial, non-profit, university and government clients, as well as a wide range of advertising, desktop publishing, photography, illustration, typography, multimedia and digital imaging. Clients include: hanschristian.org, CC Raceher, anotheruniverse.com, SCI-FI Channel online store, fandom.com, hugeclick.com, Datasquared - dreamjewels.com, Mastoloni Pearls, Backpack Angels, Arthur Anderson Consulting, Tetra Tech EM inc., PRC EMI, U.S. EPA, Sprint, International Features, Elliot Van Deutsch, Mouncey Ferguson & Associates Inc., NOVA Publishing, Gilbert/Robinson Restaurants, FFM International, Blue Cross Blue Shield, ECU Recreational Services and Photo Lab, Veillette Advertising and Design, and more.

Maxim Group - ( 08/1997 - 01/1998 ) - Northern Virginia/ D.C.
Web Developer - VBH (Value Behavioral Health)
Web Developer/Web Designer Midweb Inc.
Web Developer - Congressional Quarterly - HTML and Javascript programmer. Part of a 6 member interface team. Developed the WWW search interface for a multi-database, commercial, congressional information product consisting of several million documents.

TELOS Corporation - ( 01/1997 - 07/1997 ) - Contract and Full-time Sr. Web Designer/Programmer/Consultant - Ashburn, VA
Sr. Web Developer - Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority in the Philippines - Setup and maintained Netscape Web Server. Lead role in web development and conducting WWW training.
Webmaster and Graphic Designer- Marketing and New Business at TELOS - Key team member in the development of the TELOS Internets and Intranets as well as integration of Cold Fusion based Electronic Mall.
Consultant/Web Designer - U.S. House of Representatives - Developed Web sites and pages for Congressman and an online image library for the House Internet Resources Intranet.

Lewis Advertising, Inc. - ( 03/1994 - 03/1996 ) - Full-time Art Director/Production Artist - Rocky Mount, NC - Layoff
Co-developer of several winning new business campaigns and advertising for various regional and national clients. Key team member in developing training and procedures as well as managing computer systems for agency's transition to computer based graphic design and advertising. Maintained all creative department Macs. Responsible for introduction of Internet and WWW to the agency.


Agile Development Development Training

Gap, Inc. San Francisco, CA 04/2010

Scrum Development Training

Splunk, Inc. San Francisco CA 08/2013

CQI Training Course Total Quality Management (TQM) Certification

EG&G - Norfolk, VA 02/1992

Quality Management Training

EG&G - Norfolk, VA 01/1993


East Carolina University - Greenville, NC 05/1991
BFA Degree

  • Ceramic Arts
  • Communications Arts and Graphic Design

Maritime Institute - San Diego, CA 11/06 -100 Ton USCG License Program